Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Key to . . . Prepping for a Major Winter Storm

Outside the snow is falling….or soon will be. We’re expecting a major, severe, and “crippling” snowstorm, that is state of emergency worthy. It is to be so severe that school’s already been cancelled and snow isn’t expected to start falling until noon tomorrow. The daycare is also closing early---which NEVER happens.

And the whole town’s been turned upside down. Martin’s out of milk. Food Lion’s out of bread. I’m sure people in the north must think we’re nuts—I was in Dunkin’ Donuts tonight cashier, who informed me she was from New York, told me they’d get 20 inches in a day. A day!

We’ll be nearing that this weekend. While our town averages about 5 inches a snow storm, it’s going to be that times 4! I’m hearing rumors that it’s going to be pushing 30 inches in some parts.


So what’s a person to do?? Watch movies on PPV. Read. Bake. Make bows and bobby pins. Nap. Do Calc—my teacher insists on giving us three worksheets/per snow day. Friends’ houses (working on selling my mother on that idea!).

Any ideas on how to stay entertained?? I’m sure that by Sunday I’m going to be dying to get out.

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