Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Key to . . . Being Silly Miss Hannah

At work, I’m prone to doing silly things. I sing and dance and clap and talk crazy talk.

Like today, when I became Dr. Miss Hannah. Three of the boys were bringing me their baby dolls, who had a bad case of hitting. They, of course, were diagnosed with some time outs…and when their daddies insisted they were still hitting, had to give them a shot of medicine. But that didn’t work, and this time their fathers’ insisted that they go to the office to visit with Miss L. Miss K and I were having such a good time…and of course, trying not to laugh!

And that was not my only silly moment for the day. I also got a little silly while potty training. At cracker time, N, who has no interest in potty training, asked me to go potty. So I led him to the boy’s potty, threw away his diaper, and stood at the door, waiting for him to finish his business. When he was done, he turned around, smiled his N grin and yelled “I peed!”. I, of course, grabbed his hands and joined in the jumping and yelling---“YEAH!! YOU PEED!!--- for at least three minutes. I’m sure I looked very silly to the new girl. But to N, it was such a proud moment, and I loved it…it was probably one of the best moments of my day.

At work I do silly things, or silly things as seen by an adult. But for the kids it’s normal. Because it’s fun and carefree and lighthearted. It’s a kid’s world and I love it!! If only everyone could take five minutes a day and be silly. It’s probably the best medicine there is.

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