Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Key to . . . An Oyster – filled Christmas Eve

For me, Christmas Eve is spent the same every year—in a cozy, country house in the hills of WV. Within about three rooms, all 120,472 of us (there really aren’t that many people, but it sure does feel like it!) gather to celebrate the holiday. But this year it wasn’t the same in more ways then one.

 DSC_0015  DSC_0036 DSC_0060 - Copy 

The evening starts with dinner: fried oysters—courtesy of my dad—, oyster stew, sweet rolls, and all those other wonderful holiday dishes. And while typically the kids eat first, followed by the adults, this year it was when you fight for a spot at the table, you eat! DSC_0028 Because there are sooooo many of us, at Thanksgiving we kids pull names so when Christmas Eve comes it’s fun to see who got you and what you got! And this year, one gift was a blast from the past. DSC_0120

Years ago when the number of grandchildren was cut in half, the only boy at the time, Logan, was gifted with genuine Buzz Lightyear wings. With the hustle and bustle of unwrapping and chatter, little Logan was nowhere to be found. Where was he? Outside, on the deck, attempting to “fly” with his wings. So this year his secret Santa, Nina, gave him another pair…and yes, he tried them on!

DSC_0167                               DSC_0165

And our nights are never complete without a visit from the jolly one himself, Santa Claus!

DSC_0178                               DSC_0187

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