Saturday, December 5, 2009

We go back, snow and me.

“Flakes, flurries, swirls, crystals, whatever form it comes in. I’ll take it. We go back, snow and me. We have a beautiful history.”

                           - Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

I am a snow fanatic; I think it’s because I’m a January baby. My favorite season is the winter. I love hats and gloves and scarves and big coats. And some of my most cherished memories have happened in the snow. I’ve dreamed of living in the northeast forever, just so I can be around snow more often (here in northern Virginia we get about five snow storms a winter). My most favorite animal is the penguin. And when it snows, I’m a firm believer that magic happens.

And this week, about Wednesday morning, Brian Van de Graff, muttered a few of my favorite words, “It looks like we’ll be seeing our first snowfall this weekend.”

So naturally, I started preparing. This means: comparing the Weather channel’s and NOAA’s forecast (when it gets closer this usually becomes hourly), prepping pajamas to wear backwards and Q-tips and cotton balls for underneath my pillows. Yesterday, I started getting the school agers ready. We made snow flakes out of big paper and little paper and white paper and crème paper. And then I have the kids left at evening activity stamp with snowflakes. And, of course, we sang snowy songs.

Then, at dinner, I checked Bing probably three times for weather updates (I look the voice activated searches on the new app!) And this morning, va la! It’s snowing like crazy…on December 5th. It never snows this early here…but who’s complaining? The only thing I’m complaining about is the fact that VDOT’s new pre-treatments aren’t working very well.

So we’ve been taking the opportunity to get festive. Mom has baked a bazillion cookies, we’ve taken our Christmas pictures, I’ve put the decorations up outside and started the garland and living room  tree (another post about decorating to come!).

Then, as I was standing at  the mantle, struggling to get both sides even, Mom runs in from the mailbox. “Hannah you got an envelope!” She hands it to me. The first college I applied to’s emblem is on the corner. Slowly I open it, it’s small and I’m not expecting what it reads, “Congratulations and welcome to Bridgewater College!” What a relief it is to know that I got in somewhere!

I believe the snow is magical. It’s pretty and has a wonderful sound. And it brings me luck.


  1. Luck has nothing to do with it!! We love you. And I think you got the snow bug from your mother!

  2. Am glad the snow is falling at your house and not mine :-) Very proud of you on your first college acceptance letter, I know they'll be many more coming. When I started dating Shane you were younger than Riley, not sure how you can be headed off to college next you and miss you. (also heard I need to read your have a copy online?)


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