Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Come and Giggle

Wiggle while you’re wriggling free
Come and giggle while you jiggle in a wiggling spree

                                                                     Jello Commercial

I haven’t posted about my awesome AP Biology class lately, so I figured it was time. Since my last post we’ve done a lot. We’ve had egg tosses (after we used the eggs in a osmosis and diffusion lab), planned to create a potato gun (to be tested when marching band begins practicing for Apple Blossom in the spring), and made Jello (during a lab in which we learned about enzymes and the denaturing of said enzymes).

Day One: The goal of this lab was for us to learn that enzymes will become denatured (denatured basically means ineffective and bad for that cell) due to two things: a change in temperature and a change in pH levels. We used fresh pineapple, (cut before our very eyes—we learned how to tell if a pineapple is ripe—all these life lesson I tell you!) canned pineapple juice, water, and concentrated pineapple juice mixed with gelatin (or Jello) to see which would denature, by becoming solid,  or remain liquid. We tested this by adding acid and base to one lab and putting the other tubes in varying degrees of water.

Brooklyn had never made Jello before so it was a very interesting experience…as is every thing else in Bio class. There were some arguments, a few laughs, and some rolling eyes; as there always is with B and T (Ms. Saylor insists I only make it worse).

DSC_0418 DSC_0420

Day Two: Our enzymes denatured at 75 degrees Celsius, when placed in acids and bases, and when placed in fresh pineapple juice. Then Taylor figured out a way to get the gelatin out and, since the egg tossing went so well, decided to have Jello throwing contests.


Today, proved again, how science, friends, and an awesome teacher create memories we’ll never forget.

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