Friday, August 7, 2009

We’re Here

The world is our carpet now
The world is our dance floor now
Remind me how to dance again
The world is our carpet now

         We’re Here, Guillemots

Well, I made it to the Outer Banks!

We left at ten, arrived at eight…what a ride it was. It’s that darn Hampton Roads Tunnel! At one point, we were averaging a 1 1/4 miles every half hour; it’s ridiculous to say the least.

But we got here. And the house is great. We’ve got a dock and awesome views of the sound. The decor of the house is hysterical; a mix between dorm room and contemporary to the extreme. And the guy who owns it must reaaaaaaaaaaaaallly like sculpture thingies. We’ve got a remote controlled rotating hanging double helix and lots of hanging plants and stained glass things.

Add pictures/stories later!

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