Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Everybody wants to be a cat

because a cat's the only cat
who knows where it's at;
while playin' jazz you always has a Welcome mat,
'cause everybody digs a swingin' cat.
Everybody digs a swingin' cat.

                                 - Everybody Wants to Be a Cat, The Aristocats

Meredith Grey (not the real one, but my one) and I have the great fortune of pet-sitting Mr. Jazz. I jumped at the chance to have the little fellow here for the week due to my own selfish reasons…

For those of you who have had the opportunity to meet my little princess understand how much she is no little princess, but a little devil. Now as her mother, I only see the good parts and overlook the bad, but recently her behavior has grown increasingly worse.

When we rescued her from a pet-sitting mishap she was loveable, let us hold her and dote on her, but as she has gotten older she’s completely changed. She lets my dad and I hold her on occasion, but usually she scratches and meows to get away. As a first time, cat-owning family, we opted not to have her claws removed and now we realize it was probably a huge mistake! She moves away when you attempt to pet her and will swat at you or bite if your hand gets anywhere you don’t want it to be.

And for some reason she absolutely loathes my grandfather and one of my neighbor boys, Jake. Whenever they are remotely near her she hisses and flees; for what reason we don’t know. If anyone has suggestions, stories, or ideas I would love some tips! It’s getting ridiculous.

I love her dearly and at night when she’s sleeping at the foot of my bed and she’s purring away all the bad things melt away… until the next morning when she’s biting me again.

So back to my selfish reasons. I’m hoping maybe watching how Mr. Jazz lets us hold him will have two possible outcomes. Outcome One: She gets jealous and let’s me hold her. Outcome Two: She realizes how a “normal” cat acts and let’s us hold her and pet her.

Wishful thinking? Maybe. But we’ll see.

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