Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eli Jacob

Over spring break I was lucky enough to spend two days with the newest family member....newest not for long, Lea is due with baby Sophia any day now!

Saturday we hunted for Easter eggs and colored, laying pretty low for that side of the family. We talked about missing Roo. For the first time in my life (or the life I can remember) I heard Shane have something more to say then a grunt--he was actually quite a talker and seemed to have a lot to do. I guess having been a drunken stupor for the last however many years have given him lots of unused words!

Sunday was Easter and we got up for Sunrise service, breakfast, church, and then a quick trip home to change before shuffling back to WV. Spent the early afternoon at Lisa's house. It was the first major holiday since Memaw had died and the absence was definitely noticed. Grandma and her sisters sent some time analyzing the cake that Memaw always made. At first it was sad, but it got pretty ridiculous fast--Memaw would have hated it!

We then headed back to Meme's for Easter egg hunting and more Eli-holding!

Lots of pictures for be patient!!!


Here is the temporarily newest member of the family, Eli Jacob.

eliinthebasket Snoozing in a Longaberger basket…definitely belongs with us! I can’t wait until I have my first baby so that I can have the Newspaper Longaberger basket that held blankets in my own nursery—I can already see Jude/Julian/Cooper/Audrey sleeping in it for photo sessions!

DSC_0097 Emmie shows me her dyed hands…she’s going green y’all!

DSC_0059 Bekah and Cate coloring on the floor, Saturday.

DSC_0086Mom and Aunt Sherry being their craaaazy selves!

DSC_0009 We’re missing Grand Forrest!

DSC_0042 Going abstract!

DSC_0044edited Dad turns the camera on the photographer herself…

DSC_0050 The Bekster and me…no editing as you can tell.

DSC_0073Cate looking so darn adorable while hunting for eggs! (Bekah took this one, but I edited.)

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