Friday, March 13, 2009

Death Keeps No Calendar

I won't be editing yesterday's post; I'll start today with yesterday's quote because it's more fitting.

I just can't get over the fact that one minute I'm here, and the next I am not.

It doesn't matter who said it (a terminally ill man on Scrubs) just the concept of it. Memaw died tonight. Sure we knew it was coming, but for someone who at 17, has had no one close to her die it's a big deal. It didn't hit me until about 10 minutes after B told me. Then the waterworks started and it's been on and off ever since.

Mom had gone up there tonight (bless you for leaving me at home) when it happened. She said it was beautiful and peaceful-what everyone hopes for. Sure it's not the greatest timing, but isn't that life? Taking my "feeler" SAT tomorrow is going be crappy, though.................oi.

edit: FBLA went great. First in AEP, second in GB, and I'm now an installed regional secretary for next school year!

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