Sunday, May 27, 2012

My First Dance

My grandmother always has a way of exposing me to the most wonderful of things—the summer plays at Shenandoah, a taste for new foods, a fashion sense that’s to die for, and probably the biggest and most special thing—she shows my sister and I how to be strong, Christian women through her words and her actions.

This little story focuses on plays.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to note how special my grandma is and add the other extra details :)

One night, a few years ago, I found a seat on the couch as my grandmother put on a record. The night’s share would be the Broadway classical recording of Phantom of the Opera.

At the time, the movie was about to be released and before I could experience Hollywood’s adaptation, my grandmother wanted me to listen to and learn about the original score and musical by the great Andrew Lloyd Webber.

As we listened to the record, my grandmother reading along with the script that accompanied it, the room was filled with the amazing notes and melodies that I sat, mesmerized, listening to.

I know that I didn’t quite understand the story at the time. Didn’t understand my grandmother’s tears as the Phantom lost every thing that he held dear to him—his love, his music. It wasn’t until a couple of years later and many, many viewings of the movie—which I fell in love with—that I really fully understood Webber’s musical.

But there is one thing that I will never forget about that night; my first experience with Phantom of the Opera.

As the soft notes of, “All I Ask of You,” began, when Christine and Raoul share their love for one another and their promises for a life together, my grandmother shared how she had always wanted the song to be the one that my parents chose for their first dance.

Like I said earlier, at the time, I don’t think that I quite understood the absolute loveliness, tenderness of the beautiful love song.

It wasn’t until this morning, as I let the movie’s soundtrack envelope me on my ride home from Maryland (I am fully aware that this was an odd thing to chose to listen to), that I really listened to the lyrics.

Love me, that’s all I ask of you

Their haunting beauty. The way they convey the natural desire to love and be loved in return. It was just so magical.

Oh love.

And in that moment, I also realized how ridiculous my silly parents were for not choosing the song for their first dance.

So “All I Ask of You” is now No. 1 on my list for my wedding’s first dance list. Probably should start that list now…you know, cause I’m getting married really soon ;)

Such a beautiful love song.

Anyone else have the song for their first dance picked out?

Or just love Phantom of the Opera as much as I do?


P.S. I might love “All I Ask of You,” but “Masquerade” and “Think of Me” will always be tied for my favorite songs from the musical.


Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade/They have their seasons, so do we/But please promise me that sometimes/You will think of me


  1. That was a really sweet post!!!!!!! I have never seen Phantom of the Opera or anything about it, but now I kind of want to! 

    A few years ago when I was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers I thought When You Look Me in The Eyes was gonna be my wedding song is still a super sweet song, but I am not sure it is "the" song anymore! 

  2.  Thanks Samantha! :)

    I definitely suggest the movie--you should add it your summer bucket list.

    And that is a very sweet song!

    PS. I just wanted to let you know that all of your One Direction tweets, posts, and pictures---I think you're converting me into a fan!

  3. I was just writing a summer bucket list today!! I will add it :)! I am so excited to finally be able to watch movies and TV without my textbooks staring me down and making me feel guilty!  

    Hhahaha YAY! how could you not be?! There ADORABLE! Lemme know if you want any suggestions of songs to listen to, videos to watch, etc!


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