Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Week aka Craziness and Chaos

Oh my goodness. This week.

Every single person that I have talked to in the past two or three days are all having the same kind of week as me.

Everyone is super stressed. Everyone seems to have someone they’re upset with or someone that’s upset with them. Everyone is ready for Thanksgiving. No one is ready for finals. It’s just one of those weeks. And 99% of the Bridgewater community is having one.

Fortunately for me, prayers, Pinterest and my insanely awesome friends are getting me through the club meetings, the essays, the quizzes, the homework, and the social issues (Did you know boys like to gossip just as much as girls?).

I don’t know what I would do without them. Oh, yeah, I do. I would cry.

It’s Wednesday.

Hump day.

And life is finally starting to look up.

Thank goodness for answered prayers.

In other news, the roomie leaves tomorrow to fly to California for a few days to see her Marine—it’s Marine Ball time! She is so excited and therefore, I’m also quite excited! I cannot wait to see all the pictures. I’m also insanely jealous that she gets a break from school!

Fortunately for me, I have a quick, 12 hour mini-trip home Friday night so I get a recharge. I’m going home for teaching test #2 on Saturday morning and then right back to BC I will be going so that I can fully enjoy all of our weekend celebrations—gotta love all that homework and library time! ;)

Unfortunately for me, this posting time must come to an end.

But first, a really cute picture of my friend B and I from one of our Halloween costume parties. We look so happy! Such a funny memory…so glad our friend captured it.


The only good thing about stressful weeks like this are that every thing is hysterical. Like the boy in the library today who was carrying his headphones in one hand and had the cord trailing behind him like a little boy with his blankie. B and I were about to die from laughing so hard. Every thing is so much funnier when you really can’t laugh and are stressed to your wits end, though.

Seriously. Back to homework. I cannot wait to get to bed before midnight…

How are your weeks going?


  1. I am pretty sure it is that kind of week regardless of where you are!! I am having a super stressed, exhausting week too!

  2. Hate weeks like that! Hope this week is going better!! :)


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