Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I know who my friends are; I know who is there for me forever and always and who loves me for me.

And I really need to work on trusting this knowledge. To not distance myself or question and belittle my friendships—I need to have faith.

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I know that the little things, the stresses and the assignments, will always pass.

And I really need to work on remembering that.


And remembering to breath. All of it, the journey, it’s just life. And I need to live it, love it and enjoy it.


What do you need to work on remembering?


  1. I need to work on remembering that God loves me ALL the time and loves to hear from me ALL the time, not just when I'm hurting!  I need to remember that my sister makes mistakes because she is human, and while it's okay to be hurt by her actions, that life goes on, and I need to forgive her.  Thanks for the reminder Hannah! 

  2. We will work on remembering all these things together!

  3. I'm a sucker for quotes - and love everything you posted here.

    I definitely need to work on remembering that everything is just as it should be - and that what's currently happening (both good and not so good) is supposed to be happening.

    Love your blog!


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