Thursday, October 6, 2011

Has it really been FIVE weeks?!

All of my clothes have been folded and packed.

Our trash has been bagged and waits at the door to be taken out.

My last test—Spanish—has been studied for and my backpack filled.

Our Fall Break 2011 Mix has been compiled and burned to CDs—one for me and one for the roomie.

We are ready to jam—thanks to Rihanna, Hot Chelle Rae and 15 other tracks—our way back up the road, back home.

For the first time this semester, for the first time in five weeks, we are each headed off in different directions.

And I cannot wait!! I’m beyond excited. You could call me a kid on Christmas.

While I  am quite fond of my BC family here, and my oh my have we had some adventures in the past five weeks, there’s nothing like a little break from classes and some good ole’ home cooking to do a girl good.

We’ll all come back refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go—new adventures await us all. I cannot wait so see what we can get into in the next five weeks!

But first football game going, Fall Fest attending, home-cooked eating, and family visiting is waiting for me.

Just three classes and one Spanish test stand in my way!

Anyone else have any big (long)weekend plans?

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