Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bring 'Em Out

In honor of being semi-caught up on homework, I thought I would post one of the stories that I’ve been quite excited to share with you!

Last weekend was BC’s first freshman orientation for next year’s class—yes, I know, I can hardly believe that I’m almost NOT a freshman anymore!!

But anyhoo, back to the orientation.

Residence Life asked each of the future freshman dorms to make a  mini-presentation during orientation, highlighting all of the wonderful reasons that there are for living in their particular dorm.

Our RD invited two other boys, B and myself to participate in the creation of our video last week. So one night (read midnight) we got together and filmed this incredibly funny video showcasing the best parts of our dorm.

Turns out that the Residence Life staff loved our video so much that they’re bringing a professional film crew in to record us doing another video to be shown at future orientations. How awesome is that?!? I’m so excited!!

But just you wait! That’s not the only awesome video that I have to show you!

When Saturday rolled around and we had to get up to introduce our video for the freshman, each dorm also had to have some kind of roll call/chant coming down the aisles of the church—thanks to the Park Crew and CruiseMan3000, we had the BEST roll call there.

Here’s the video of us bringing them out to Heritage:

Do you have any big, new news??


  1. nice videos! sounds like a good place to live and go to school!

  2. hahahahaha I love them! lol

  3. Thanks, Alex!! It really is an awesome place to live :)

  4. Thanks, Lex!!! We thought we were quite funny, too ;)

  5. Oh, Hannah. I love the videos! They were hilarious. I love that y'all decided it bring it out on your way to introducing Heritage.


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