Friday, February 4, 2011


Last night, my blog went private for a short period of time.

Remember the drama? Well silly ole’ me thought we were all past it, but boy, was I wrong! You see they have decided to use my blog as yet another platform to bully me—using my words here on the boards that hang on their door and whispering about what I write behind open doors.

At first I tried letting it go. So what if (even after I had blocked* their IP addresses and rerouted them to Google) they continued to  obsessively check my blog. Yes, I do think it is a bit obsessive, creepy, and insecure when you try FOUR different times in ONE day, via different search engines, just to get to my blog when on each attempt it reroutes you elsewhere.

Honestly I never knew that I was so fascinating. Should I be flattered? Or creeped out? I honestly have no idea.

But that is neither here nor there. The whole point of this was to say that I’m not going to stop blogging because of them—I love it too much. So, my friends, I’m back.

They will not “win” this one.

*Side note (more for them than for you): I can see your IP address, where you are located, the number of times that you look at my blog, how you got to my blog (or by what means you tried to get to my blog), and for how long you stayed.

Now please just leave me alone. I didn’t do a single thing to you. And trust me, I’m not wasting my time by talking about you on here—so maybe, maybe, you should just let it go. Let it be.

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