Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time Brings Understanding

I absolutely love finding new bloggies. It’s a chance to join a person’s journey through life; to learn something new about both yourself and the author, a chance to grow, and a chance for a friendship to bloom.

So today, when I got a comment from A, a new reader (Hi, A!), I couldn’t wait to check her blog out. And I absolutely fell in love. Just like that, it was an instant favorite. You should definitely go and check her story out--it is an amazing one!

And as I was reading through some of her recent posts, I stumbled across scripture that just spoke to me.

Jesus replied, "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand." (John 13:7)

Right now, in my freshman year of college, my life is at such a crossroads. Every thing that happens, both good and bad, has an effect on the person that I’m becoming. My friends, my classes, my choices—everything.

The friends that I’ve lost and the every day events that seem so monumentally difficult are just the stepping stones. Little pebbles along the path to where I’m supposed to be going, helping me become the person I’m supposed to be.

Even though at the moment I can’t seem past the frustration and hurt, and I’m left standing here asking why, I now realize that one day these moments will seem like small pebbles . Because He has greater plans for me. And one day I will understand.


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