Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scattered Thoughts Saturday

Today’s post is a true display of the state of my brain at the moment—a jumbled mess of gobbeldy goup. I have no idea if I spelled that right which is my case in point.

So here goes it, folks.

1. Netflix


I love Netflix. It is by far the best gift that I have ever gifted myself with. About a year ago, I decided to try the free month of service that they’re always advertising. And I was a goner!

For $9 a month I get unlimited instant access to their movies and shows on both my laptop and Wii. So you can enjoy your favorite shows (like Bones and the UK’s Skins) and movies (like Sweet Home Alabama and The Proposal) on your television all the time.

And you also get to have one DVD out at a time—these are usually new movies that have just been released—for as long as you want. No late fees. You just return it when you’re done and then, wham, the next DVD on your list is in your mailbox waiting for your viewing pleasure. Talk about great idea, right??

I’ve been enjoying the young days of Booth and Bones today—their bickering and bantering never gets old.

2. Sundays at Tiffany’s

As I am obsessed with all things Tiffany’s, when James Patterson released his book Sundays at Tiffany’s a few years ago, it was on my wish list. And I loved it (though not nearly as much as Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas)!

So when I heard that Lifetime was producing the movie adaptation I was over the moon. I missed the premiere on Sunday, but it comes on again tonight—thanks for the e-mail reminder Lifetime—and I cannot wait to curl up with some hot chocolate and watch it!! Hopefully it can live up to the book’s greatness.

3. Snowimage

Yesterday as I was knee deep in decorating, I noticed the flurries outside of our window. And I couldn’t believe it—you all know how I love my snow. It seemed that just a day after I arrived home from BC, Mother Nature dumped a hefty covering of snow quite unexpectedly. If that’s not a welcome home, I don’t know what is!

And there looks to be some more winter precipitation in our forecast very soon.

4. Decorating for Christmas

As I said, I spent most of my Friday prepping our house for Christmas. And although I may be a little biased, it looks quite marvelous to me. I can’t wait to share my Christmas crafts and decorations with all of you.

On Monday, Kelly and The Nester (and a few other bloggers) are conducting a huge tour of Christmas homes. Make sure to stop by their sites for links to everyone’s holiday decorated homes…and here, of course, for my post on the Christmas wreath I made and a few other pictures of our ready-for-Christmas abode.


Hope everyone had a marvelous Saturday!! Off to make hot chocolate I go…

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