Friday, November 5, 2010

Parents DO Know Something!

I'm a firm believer that sometimes, you’ve just got to realize that your parents do know you. Better than know you. And that sometimes you just need to listen to them.

What sparked this post, you ask?

I’m sitting here surrounded by my three best friends, watching movies, eating snacks, and laughing so hard that I can barely breathe. At Bridgewater.

And while I couldn’t be happier to be here-it’s my new home-I can admit that for awhile I didn’t think it was the place for me. I was stubborn and silly and just wanted to go to the University of Mary Washington.

But my momma, from day one, new that BC was the place for me.

I could never thank her enough for pushing me in BC’s direction, because she couldn’t have been more right. She knew there was something about the campus, the community, the BC way that was exactly what I needed when I flew the nest. Because the Eagle’s nest is precisely where I belong.

I’ve never felt more comfortable and more independent than I do here.

It’s the perfect home away from home for me.

Thanks, Mom.

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