Wednesday, August 11, 2010

C and H

I only have two more weeks left with my adorable little kiddos and I’m soaking up all their precious love-ins and sayings. I wish I had 4512 more weeks with them…and then some.

There is absolutely nothing like hearing a little voice calling for you, with love and admiration in their voice. To be able to take their little hands in yours and know that for that instant, you’re the center of their world. Ah, my poor little heart.

It’s those moments that make me wanna switch my major back to education.

Every since I started at the daycare, I’ve known it’s not right to play favorites. And I try so very hard not to show favoritism (that’s quite obvious) as some of my other co-workers have been known to do. But I do have a favorite little boy (C) and girl (H).

C is just the sweetest little ham. He loves country music and sings all the time. He gets this smile on his face when he catches my attention, cocks his head to the side, and just grins. It melts my heart. He’s known to do it when he’s in trouble with me…and I try so very hard to resist. I’m going to miss his lap-sitting and “Miss Hannah’s!!!” as he comes in; his leg-squeezing hugs on the way out.

H. Oh my. She’s quite the character. Spills her milk at lunch every day. Seriously. Every single day. We’re working on it.  I convinced her mom to switch her to big girl panties a few weeks ago and she’s doing so well; I hope I get to see her potty party before I go. She’s definitely a Miss Hannah’s girl…and everyone knows it. She runs and jumps so I can pick her up nearly every time we cross paths. And when she’s in my room, she’s my little shadow. I’m going to miss her little head on my shoulder and her little arms raising up, waiting to be picked up by “Miss Tannah”.

Oh the little faces. I’m going to miss them so very much. I can’t wait to go to school, just to come back on break to see them. Ha! :)

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