Monday, July 12, 2010

To Nashville We Go!

The time has come.

It’s my last trip to National’s for FBLA--as a competitor anyway. My clothes are packed, the cat, too.  To Nashville, Tennessee we go. Besides myself, my adviser and her husband, there will be five more students added to the total body occupancy of the Tahoe we rented. Yeah, that’s gonna be fun :)

We are pulling out of the school parking lot tonight at 10:00. I plan to sleep. Somehow I feel we’ll end up practicing speeches, sharing iPod ear buds, and munching on the trail mix and cookies my wonderful momma made for us.

I’m excited, nervous, and sad all at the same time. It’s so bittersweet. But I can’t wait!

And if you wanna, check out this super cool promo video for the FBLA NLC…so it might only be super cool to me, but who knows ;)

FAMILY BULLETIN: Check out this link to watch the awards LIVE on Saturday night (7 PM for you guys, 6 PM for me…aka CDT!) I believe you will also be able to watch Opening Session LIVE at the same linky on Wednesday night…I will get back to you on that one, though!

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