Monday, July 19, 2010

Nashville in Four Days!

Oh my! It has been quite a week.

My trip to Nashville for the FBLA NLC started like this.

And quickly turned into a food, laughter, and stress-filled trip!

We competed with our Partnership with Business project (fantastically, I might add!), attended quite a few workshops (some boring, a few quite interesting), and visited quite a few fantastic Nashville landmarks (including lots and lots of yummy restaurants).

I've broken my journey to Nashville down for you (but mostly for me!)...gotta remember such a fabulous trip.

Day One: From Car to Boat

Day Two: A Trip to Greece and The Beginning

Day Three: Presentations and Cupcakes

Day Four: Workshops and B.B. King

Day Five: Voting, Demos’, and Closing Session

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  1. I'm gald you had a good time! Nashville is an awesome city!


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