Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

While playing restaurant, B (a boy) and I were the customers while E (a girl) was the waitress/chef. These are four year olds, mind you. And yes, their English is that good…proud of our little smarties :)

E: B, what would you like to drink?

B: A soda.

E: Soda has caffee.

Me: I think you mean caffeine, E.

E: Yeah. Soda has caffeine, B. You can’t have that. It’s bad for you.

B: So? I want soda. Give me soda.

E: How about chocolate milk? That’s the healthy option.

B gets up out of his seat and gets the soda from the kitchen.

B: I said I wanted soda.


Then a little bit later…


E: What would like to eat?

Me: Mm. How about a piece of pizza and some salad?

B: I want a hamburger, green beans, pizza-

E: You can’t eat that much! Nope. That’s too much. You’ll be fat if you eat too much.

B: and scrambled eggs.


Oh me, oh my. The things that come out of their little mouths sometimes!


  1. HAHAHA that first story is too cute!! I seriously laughed! Men hahah!

  2. Thanks--I thought so too. Just the every day life of a daycare worker I suppose ;)


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