Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Great Vampire Debacle


This post has been a long time coming. It was finally brought to fruition thanks to my good friend Liz, who entertained me with one heck of a conversation about our society’s obsession with vampires.

You see I first fell for Jacob a few years ago upon reading the bestselling series, Twilight. For those of you who’ve read/seen Twilight (and as the saying goes, the books are SOOOOOO much better) you know Jacob isn’t the vampire, but the werewolf. For the sake of this discussion, vampires and werewolves represent the same thing—a made up world that has taken this world by storm. It’s a phenomenon.

And I can’t admit that I’ve had no part in it. I’ve read the books. I’ve watched the movies. I watch True Blood with my mother. I attempted watching The Gates…think vampires moving in next door. And this music video Snoop Dog made, a spoof of True Blood, had me in tears. 

All I can think is that my little girls won’t be “make believing” with  Ken or dreaming of Prince Charming at night, but will rather be fantasizing over ghostly, freezing-cold-to-the-touch statues and warm, furry mutts. And to me that’s just plan sad.

I mean Prince Charming isn’t totally all he’s cracked up to be, but vampires and werewolves don’t even exist! Liz chalks it to curiosity and human emotions. I, on the other hand, am plain baffled at the concept. I don’t understand the craze.

Do you???

Are you someone who’s in love with Edward or Eric? Or infatuated with Alcide or Jacob? I wanna hear!! Whatever your opinion, please share!!


I found a few articles online that I thought I would share:


  1. Interesting post Hannah!

    I haven't even given much thought to this! I have read (and loved!) all the Twilight Saga books. I have seen (and liked!) the movies. I don't do other Vampires though. I saw all the vampire, werewolf stuff and just ignored thinking it was like a "copy" of Twilight. I was one of the last people to even read Twilight, because I always thought like "vampires and werewolves who cares? I am so not interested in that stuff haha". I just love the LOVE story in the books haha! So the only vampire stuff I have read is Twilight b/c it doesn't it was the vampires or werewolves (although Taylor Lautner is veryyyyyyy convinsing) that made me love Twilight Saga it was the loveeee in it haha! So i just went on to read other loves stories.

    I see what you mean though. I mean even Wizards of Waverly Place did a werewolf and vampire thing haha! I don't have time to read the articles now, but I will later!

    I am thinking that the girls who are into Twilight and have read it are all older than the girls who would be making believe with Ken and Prince Charming (who doesn't seem to exist either hahah!). I could be totally wrong in that assumption though. I mean I would never let my (future) 5 year old watch Twilight probably 'cus it is scary! And there's no way a 5 year old could read that. but I guess they still hear about it....I have no clue what I am saying now haha!

    I guess it will be up to the parents to make sure their little girls play like little girls should? I mean there has got to be a balance SOMEWHERE right?! Haha!

    I hope my novel here made sense!! Very interesting post, I will have to keep thinking on this!

  2. this is very interesting. guess what? i've never read the twilight books! (gasp!) i did see one of the movies though. i didn't think it was too amazing.

    Without having read them, i'm not equipped to fully understand why vampires and such have become so popular. but, just on pure assupmtion, i think that the books/movies fantasize vampires and warewolves giving them human emotions that we can realate to. even though they don't exist, they seem like humans. and i think that girls are also attracted to the love story aspect. every girl wants to be loved.

    basically, i think this whole vampire fad was started by the twilight books. When the entertainment makers saw that people were obessed with vampires, they obviously wanted to make money off the the fad. So now, there are tv shows and other movies and books on vampires.

    I'm wondering if the vampire fad will ever fade away??

  3. I just think its a fad, you know? A generational thing. Remember when Harry Potter came out? Everyone was going around trying to cast spells and wearing the colors of their favorite house. [My sister still dresses up for the movies at the prime age of 17.]

    I think little kids are safe from it. I babysat a second grader for a couple of weeks this summer and she was all for High School Musical, Wizards of Waverly Place, and [of all things] Full House. Plus, I had to play Barbies for hours with her.

    I don't know. I haven't seen the movies, and after having read one chapter of the first book, I stopped reading. Overall, they aren't bad books, but I had just had such high expectations after months of everyone carrying on.

    But, yeah, I think it'll be something that everyone grows out of.

  4. I think you hit it on the nail with the "every girl wants to be loved." In this case, it's just a made up thing loving them.

    And as for the fad continuing, I think it will for as long as they can keep it going. As long as teens and women continue to crave them!

  5. I loved reading your thoughts, Samantha, thanks for sharing!!

    And I totally get what you're saying about the role parents play in the toys their children play with!!

    Glad I could get ya thinking :)


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