Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Letter to Brooke

part of this series…

Dear Aunt Brooke,

It’s been another work-filled week. Just Dance lovin’ kids and a pregnant dessert-fixin’ coworker makes this gal pretty happy.

Since graduation, almost two (gasp!) weeks ago, my friends have been busy with vacations and orientations. And between my work schedule and theirs, time to just “hang out” is quite limited…but I was able to see two of my favorites this week which makes this gal pretty happy.

My sister’s been at the beach with your daughter which leaves me practically the only child around here—it has its ups and downs! But the extra attention makes this gal pretty happy.

I have this fellow, a pretty handsome fellow (who occasionally removes his shirt), who plays basketball across the street every evening. While I have never spoken to him (I am Hannah D.---remember??), I quite enjoy watching him play ball. It makes this girl pretty happy.

If you didn’t put it together already, this gal is pretty happy.

Oh, and I got my roommate!

Hope all is well. See you soon :)

Love always,


  1. sounds like you're having a great summer so far!! your blog is very cute by the way. did you do it yourself?? i'm trying to make my blog more personal, but i have no idea how to do anything with HTML stuff and blogger. let me know if you have any ideas/advice!!
    ps. i love your name :)

  2. I love you Hannah have no idea how proud I am that I get my very own letters on your blog. Hope you enjoyed every minute of being an only child. I know your sister didnt enjoy 10 days of having "a shadow" at the beach :) And I'm all ears about Mr. Shirtless Bball so keep me posted!

    Just one last're so your own person and its cooler than you know. It took me years to figure out who I am and its still a work in progress:)

  3. I love you, too :)
    It's a lot easier to get them to you this way, then through the mail. But one day you'll be suprised when one shows up in your box!!

    Mr. Shirtless Bball has been partying it up at JMU recently so I haven't had the pleasure of seeing him too much, but what can you do??

    And thanks! I'm not sure I've totally figured out me, but I'm pretty pleased with me right now :)

  4. Hannah,
    I used to do my blog stuff myself but then fantastic Ms. Kelsey took over the decorating for me!! Check her out, her linky is at the bottom :)

    And you have a great name, too!!


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