Monday, May 3, 2010

The Key to . . . Operation BSP

Better known as…Operation Brooklyn’s Surprise Party

A month and a half ago Brooklyn’s bestie, Taylor, and I started planning her 18th surprise birthday party. Well really Taylor planned it, and I just did what she asked (like do the decorations, take the pictures, make the signs, be sure everyone gets to the right use, etc.).

meandtay Me and Taylor

Our theme was “I’ll Be There for You” with green and blue (her favorite) as the colors. Taylor ordered Chick-fil-a for dinner and Aubrie and Danielle made yummy desserts. Two days before the party, Taylor and I made our shirts and started to put together a picture montage (you guys know how I love my videos!). Every thing was set to go off perfectly, the story was picked to get her to the party, the guests were informed, all we needed to do was wait.

But on Wednesday, we were sure our cover was blown and Brooklyn had discovered the plan. But lo and behold, she had absolutely no idea what was going on! She walked into the party with absolutely no idea what was going on.

tayhangingsign bksurprise

DSC_0076 meandbk  greenbacks

  ospandbk meandaubriebw 

Thankfully, the evening went off without any other major glitches and Brooklyn had a blast…which is exactly what Taylor and my goal was!

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