Friday, May 28, 2010

The Key to . . . The Beginning of the End

Today marked the beginning of the end.

Today was the day, my classmates and I, lined up in the auditorium, dressed in our red and black gowns and mortarboards. Managing to work the height system, my friends and I snagged a spot together, on the third row, with me in dead center! Can’t wait to see that ;)


It was so very hot, but it was over quickly, and I’m afraid just a mere glimpse of what graduation will be.

After a quick senior meeting, in which the principal went over some important dates (including senior baccalaureate and of course, graduation!) it was time for the traditional senior activities to start unraveling. First up? Hand painting.

Each class since the opening of our school 17 years ago (we are the 18th graduating class!) has had an area of a hallway that has been framed for their handprints, later incased in class. While typically the principal calls students down by last name, in small groups, but due to SOL and expedited testing, kids just showed up whenever, in tiny waves of seniors. But the man who is in charge, has it down to a science after all these years, and every thing turned out pretty well.

I went with my friend Taylor, an hour after hand painting started, and the board was nearly full. It was good we decided to go when we did! I had to keep my fingers together to get my handprint to fit, and it covered a little bit of my name, and my neighbor’s hand. But we got a piece of prime real estate, right at eye level as students walk through the halls! I’m going to try and get a picture next week!image

Just the first of many activities to come over the next two weeks!! Here’s to the beginning of the end :)

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