Friday, April 23, 2010

The Key to . . . Pandora’s Box

I haven’t done a music-themed post in a REALLY long time. And I’m thinking that today, just might be the day!

I used to be one of those people who had my iPod on me at all times; on the bus, at home, in the car…everywhere! But then I got my laptop; so I only ever listened to my iPod when I wasn’t home. And then I got my BlackBerry and found the great thing that is Pandora, and my poor iPod was left in its little corner of my purse, never to be seen again.

Because of my weird musical style, a single radio station doesn’t usually fulfill my need for a little musical inspiration for too awful long. And that’s where Pandora comes into play. It’s radio, fitted to my eclectic musical style.

Just type in an artist (or song or album), like John Mayer, for instance. And Dreaming with a Broken Heart starts playing. And when it’s over, there’s more John Mayer or music by other artists (or songs or albums) with similar styles.

You can dislike the next song or artist, and off they go, never to be played by Pandora again (unless I ask). And slowly, you have radio stations that are perfect for you! One minute I’ve got some Our Kind of Love by Lady Antabellum, and then Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin, and after Crazy Love by Michael Buble. And before I know it there’s Rumored Nights by The Academy Is…and Good Day by Britt Nicole. Perfect for the quirky, eclectic, musical me!

And the best part (besides being totally and completely free)? When I’m gone, Pandora’s on my phone! And when I’m home? I just log-in on their website and there are my playlists with my music :)


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