Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Key to . . . maybe-it’s-okay-to-have-gotten-outta-bed days

Today was one of those should-have-never-gotten-outta-bed days.

It started with a Calc class in which, I realized, I still don’t know how to integrate every type of problem…yeah, that could be an issue.

And then, I had to listen to a classic teenager, that gives our generation a bad rep, argue with a teacher (not in Calc—that would never happen in an AP class). But honestly? How disrespectful can you be?

But, when I got to Bio, and saw my favorite people, it slowly turned into, a maybe-it’s-okay-to-have-gotten-outta-bed days. We played with Mr. Skeleton and I aced my bone quiz…Hannah Montana and the bone dance may have had some effect on my acing of the quiz!

I was glad I got a break from my should-have-never-gotten-outta-bed day mood before going to work, because EVERYONE at work was having one of those days…including the kids…and that’s no fun to be around.

But have no fear, all’s well, cause this girl is D-O-N-E with school!! Until Monday, that is. I’ve got another college orientation tomorrow, so I get to skip right on out of senior skip day—couldn’t have planned that better!

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