Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Key to . . . Funny Friday “Fings” (A Day Late)

There was no short supply of funny things at work this week…rather,everyone was in quite the comedic mood!

The kindergarteners were quite the jokesters:

T: (For the fifteenth time) What do you call your pooch in the middle of summer?

Me: Um, I don’t know. What?

T: A hot dog!!

Me: (Laugh) That’s a good one T!

T: But do you get it Miss Hannah? It’s a dog and it’s hot!

Me: (Laughing harder) Thanks T. I got it.


And the toddlers didn’t want to be outshone:

During movie time as we waited for parents...D is on my lap.

Me: And then there were three. (Pointing at the three little girls in front of us) And you and me. (Pointing to us)

D: They are free (3) little green ducks.

Me: Yeap. They’re just like three ducks in a row.

D: This red duck (points to himself) is going home soon.

I have no idea where the duck analogies came from!!

Oh me. Oh my. Such funny kids they are (at least to me)!

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