Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Key to . . . Why Jake, Why?

Is it an accurate assumption to say that about 95% of the women watching The Bachelor last night, yelled at Jake through their TV? I was willing him, as he stood with Tenley on those stairs, to say, “Just kidding. I pick you!” But he didn’t. And I was sad. And so, I simply shook my head and said, “Why Jake, why?”

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How I hope it was for love and not some stint on ABC’s part for more ratings. I guess only time will tell, right?


  1. Oh....right there with you on this one!

  2. ahaha I had to smile at the title. I was pulling for Tenley, also. I don't know anyone that wanted him to pick Vienna. I don't think it will last but I guess we'll see. I do think it was a stunt for ABC's ratings. Much like the new season with Ali. Though she's cute and was my favorite.

  3. oh, the bachelor! my guilty pleasure. it always throws me for a loop.

  4. That's the thing about The Bachelor...lately I'm never sure whether it's for real or just for ratings. It stinks!

  5. Shelby I think most women are :)


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