Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Key to . . . Relief

I’d gone and told myself she’d never be home. It’d been a week exactly, today. We’d searched for her high and low, every day, hours a day. My mother paced the neighborhood, a nervous wreck, consulting all the neighbors who would listen. We fed all her new friends in hopes that one day, she’d be among them.

We’d all but given up hope (excluding my mother). We’d seen her, chased her, missed her. I told myself she didn’t want to come home; she wanted to be with her new friends.

Today was the last day. The seventh day. And there she was, on the side porch, where no one ever goes. Waiting to be picked up and carried back inside. Purring in my arms, racing to the litter box, and up to my room, all the while reeking of smoke.

She’s been home for less then thirty minutes and is already sleeping in her usual spot. It’s like she was never gone. As fast as she was lost, she was found.

What a relief. I mass texted my friends who have so lovingly listened to my cat of my texts? I can’t believe I ever said it would be okay if she never came home.

I’m so relieved. So very, very grateful. I guess she must love us, after all!  But, oh I can barely wait to give her a bath!

My beautiful, wonderful, home-now, Meredith (Merdie) Grey!

                 DSC_0001 copy DSC_0012

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  1. i love the name :) oh greys..can't wait til it's back

  2. Has she been spayed/neutered (whatever, i can't remember...) yet? i hope so cause you very well could be having little Meredith Grey's running around... our two "adoptive" cats are BOTH pregnant... they are off to the Vet as soon as they deliver their litters...

    smelling like smoke? do you think she was in someone's house?

  3. She has been spayed and thankfully so :)
    And that's no good, no good at all!
    As for the smoke, I don't think so. I think it's just her outdoorsy smell...I hope no one has had my baby in their house!


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