Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Key to . . . Manatees, Windbreakers, and Key Largo

I’m finally back!!

If you follow my Twitter, then you know that my “vacation” was extended when our plane was downsized Sunday afternoon, so I’ve been struggling to jump back into the scheme of things around here.

This post is as saturated with pictures as the Bio Six and I were during our endless boat rides to snorkeling venues over the weekend!

Enjoy—there will be many more posts to come with pictures/videos of our time in the Keys! (More for me, then for you!)

           akwardturtle aubriereading

bbandlagoon BestiesAirboat  sleepyairboatride 

             magroves  ourboatgroup usatevergladesonbench

             usstandingatevergladesusbeforesnorkelingfirstday usbeforesnorkeling

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