Monday, March 8, 2010

The Key to . . . Managing Pet Peeves

(Keep submitting questions, we’re bumping the interview back to next Tuesday! There’s just too much going on with me this week—check back Wednesday/Thursday for the details!)

This was written during my last class today—AP US Government. Yes, it’s that exciting!

Just a little thank you to all the kind and courteous people out there!

Thanks for:

  • Remembering that some people do no like (or are allergic) to the lotion that you put on, in a closed room. Your consideration saves us from a thousand sneezes over an hour and a half.
  • Not taking countless, loud drinks of water from a bottle that you insist on squeezing so that it cracks and pops every time you pick it up and put it down. Your consideration keeps me sane!

Now, five hours later, I can say I was overreacting a (wee) bit. It took a couple deep breaths and a few hugs from my favorite kids, but I’m back to the normal, pre-pet peeve stricken Hannah that graced 8th period Government today. Hoorah!!

What are your pet peeves and how do you manage them??

Mine?? The F- word! Can’t stand it!!!!!!!


  1. My pet peeve has to be when people chew bubble gum. Because... it makes me sooo nauseous and feel sick!!!! Ahhhh!! I don't manage it- that's the problem! I try to avoid it!! Haha!

  2. metal forks scraping on glass literally makes me want to cry. I hate big meals (thanksgiving) with relatives, because it is constant scraping. My phobia is so bad that I refuse to eat off of metal spoons...only plastic ones for me! : )

  3. Hey it's Samantha from From the Outside Looking In.
    Pet peeves eh?
    I HATE when people have their pants up too high. Like ehem chest area. One day my mom had her book club over and this one lady's skirt was up to her boobs no joke. I was pulling my OWN skirt down!
    - When there is fresh snow in my yard and someone walks through it. Makes me SO mad haha.

    I too hate the f-word. This girl behind me in French today was ON HER CELL PHONE-yes it class!!!- dropping the f-bomb like no one's business. The teacher didn't even seem to notice! I wanted to tell the teacher, but I didn't. IT was quite funny actually!

  4. Oh, I definitely know the feeling!
    I wish I could avoid all my pet peeves, too :)

  5. huh. of my closest friends has the same thing but with wood. can't touch wooden pencils...finished or polished wood she can do, just not untreated wood.

  6. hahahaha...i love it! and i can't stand when people mess up snow either.

    the f-word i could write posts about---so rude!

  7. my pet peeve--being late, chewing gum

    cant stand either.

    love your lotion one!

  8. I love your blog! It's so cute!
    Anyways, my all time pet peeve is when people pop there knuckles. I know like everybody does it but I can't stand it! :)

  9. I also despise being late!!!
    And thanks--it really irked me!

  10. Thanks so much, Kelsey!
    I also can't stand when people pop their knuckles! I always tell them how bad it is ;)


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