Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Key to . . . Escaping to Florida

By the time you read this I’m probably in (or on my way to) Key Largo.

Escaping with A, T, and B, on an AP Biology field trip to snorkel and swim with the sea creatures! We’re joining 20 other kids from local high schools on an expedition to southern Florida.

The sun, sea, and fun with friends—what fun! Oh, and learning, who could forget that?

While I can’t blog(no Internet access!), I will be Twittering.

So, follow me! I’ll try and tweet some pictures, too! Here:

(Gram—just add my Twitter site as a bookmark and refresh it every once in a while!)


Check back for some other posts while I’m gone—and be ready for a huge post Monday!!

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  1. Have fun in florida!! You're a lucky gal, my ap bio class never went on any trips..haha. i wonder what your big monday post could be??


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