Monday, February 15, 2010

The Key to . . . Organizing the Organized

I believe everyone knows how obsessed I am with bows.

The fact that I have collected/created too many to keep organized in any organized way, left me searching for some options. But it turned out, my aunt Holly, already had an she got from Milk and Cuddles. Turns out memo boards can hold more then just cards and pictures…they can hold bows, too!

This one I found for $7 at Ross’s. It also holds my bobby pins, too!


What my aunt didn’t know, was that she’s just flaming the fires of my bow-addiction…now I have even more room to create some lovely bows :)


  1. Hey Hannah! I just "met" you over at the BlogFrog.

    Your blog is ADORABLE. Seriously. I can't wait to get mine done...some day. For now it's just the basic (free) version.

    Anyways, the ribbon holder is a great idea. :)

  2. Hey there :) I got an email saying you responded to my comment or whatever, but I'm not sure where you responded so I figured I'd just reply here. Hope that works. Anyways...

    Oh my gosh, YES! If you'd be willing to help I would appreciate it so much. You have no idea. I'll email you about it in a few days, if that's alright?

  3. OneGirl: That'd be awesome...I'm finishing up some scholarships, but then I'm FREE..praise the Lord!! :)


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