Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank You for Being a Friend

Traveled down the road and back again
your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant

                                              Thank You for Being a Friend, Andrew Gold

I’ve talked about my AP Biology class about a bajillion times before (and tomorrow’s post is about them, too) but I’ve just got to share just how wonderful these 10 girls are.

Today after everyone filtered in, Ashley P. comes in bearing gifts. She starts with me. Having been 45 minutes early to work the day before, she decided to do some shopping for Miss Hannah—she knows I love Pier 1’s new patterns. And she couldn’t stop there. She had to buy bath fizzies for all the other girls in our class-including our teacher, Ms. S. Well, everyone except for Aubrie.

That’s when Ashley leaves the room and comes back in, I kid you not, with a kitten. Aubrie’s first words were, “What is that?”  Now Aubrie is the girl who would rather have 25 cats and dogs then even talk about having children. She’s the one Pepper loves on and she hasn’t met an animal who doesn’t share the love. She’s been asking for a cat for months and someone finally decided to do something about it!

So we ended up spending the 90 minute class period loving on the little guy who has yet to be named! (It was an early dismissal so he was only at school for another half hour  before she took him home!) It must be the week for cats!


Now who else can claim that their friend has done something so completely unexpected, surprising, and  just plain awesome for them??


  1. ah, that is awesome... she is a good friend... :-)

  2. this is the word i had to type in for security... nogienas... that doesn't sound very nice...

  3. Unexpected gifts for special friends mean so much. Hold on to these friends.

  4. Unexpected gifts for special friends mean so much. Hold on to these friends.


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