Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catch My Disease (or NOT!)

So please
Baby please
Open your heart
Catch my disease

                               Catch My Disease, Ben Lee

On a typical day at work I am asked about 100 questions (I haven’t counted, but I’m sure it’s close.)  Most are easy to answer—Miss Hannah, you take me to the potty? or Miss Hannah, I sit here? Many make me laugh and a few leave me baffled.  And I usually learn something new.

I’m also bound to hear many stories about their “outside” lives (hot topic this week: Halloween costumes). And the best stories always begin in the potty. With Miss L on the phone, I volunteered to take one of my little buddy’s to the bathroom—he is a notoriously slow bathroom go-er…he would probably sit there for hours if he could—knowing full well that I’d be in there for no less then ten minutes.

The conversation started off pretty basic; we talked about his Halloween costume—Batman—, and his soon-to-be-born baby brother’s name—Brayden, and Batman again. And then he informed me that only his dad was picking him up today. I nodded and smiled feeling this was pretty normal, his parents typically take turns picking him up.

“Oh really?” I asked.

He nodded, “Yeah. Mommy’s sick. He’s trying to keep me ‘way from her.”

(I can’t help but smile when they tell these stories!) “Oh, what’s wrong with her?”

Quite matter-of- factly, “She’s got the yuckies in her throat so her stayed home today.”

Now how could you not smile at that?

It also seems that the same day my little buddy’s mom is sick, I start feeling bad. (Ironically, it’s also the day after my mother and I fought about vaccinations and I swore I wouldn’t get sick (now I have a fever)) So, moral of the story? Stay home when you have the yuckies.


  1. Hate to say "I told you so," but I did:)

  2. I want you to be well!

  3. I want you to be well!


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