Thursday, March 19, 2009

Throbbing Headache...

Where have I been?
I will tell you. I have missed four days of school.
WV for the viewing/funeral.
Planned to go to school Wednesday, but woke up at 4:30, throwing up....which I continued to do for 10 times over the next seven hours. Yummy!
Today I have successfully had two drinks, two pieces of toast, and plan to take a risk by having some orange jello in a little bit.

I feel horrible for not writing after the funeral, but I could barely sit up yesterday let alone write. The viewing wasn't horrible. I kept myself busy beforehand working on placing the pictures. I'm not someone who can really stand at the casket, because she doesn't really look like Memaw up there. It's kinda like, that looks like Memaw, but that's NOT Memaw. B came, totally a suprise, but it was nice to have someone I could talk to to break up the evening.
(We got there at 1:00--a few people (family time)--back to J's for dinner, then to funeral home for viewing, 5-8) It was the longest three hours of my life. There were hundreds of people and it was soooo hot in there. Anyway I appreciate what B did for me and I feel so blessed for having such great friends.
Dinner time was probably when I contracted this dreadful sickness (Blaine and Braxton had been sick! And seven of us have it thus far.)

The funeral was another story. I cried as soon as it started...and I'm a loud crier...yeah. J who had cried non-stop it seemed from the viewing until then was surprisngly calm. Later on she tol Mom this story: We were singing "It is Well With My Soul" and she felt someone rubbing her shoulder, but when she turned around D and C were standing there, but no one was touching her. That's when she knew Memaw was where she was supposed to be. I got a flower from the spray at the cemetary and I'm looking forward to visitng her there soon....which I think surprises me.

My neck is starting to hurt so I'm going to stop.

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