Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here We Go Again

I deleted my Live Journal in hopes of brighter days here on Blogspot. I've been, for once, diligently writing in an actual journal for the first time in my entire life. (And by diligently I mean at least once a week.) But seeing as I'm on the computer frequently this might be the answer.

You might be asking yourself; why then did Live Journal not work for you? Well the answer is really quite simple. I got too caught up in adding friends and looking for icons rather then doing what I needed to be doing. Which is why I come to what could possibly be the downfall of me- I am already following about 20 blogs a day on Blogspot! But there is a solution to that as well- before I can read those blogs I must first write on my blog. Ta da. This just might work!

Oh, by the way, my name is Miss Hannah
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